Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Not that anyone comes across this but I'm not writing for about 7 weeks until I gain a bit more time to. Short story, blog suspended, I'm busy playing with traffic.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lost Faith

This week I have lost even more faith in the driving public. On Tuesday I had to cork two lanes for an AFD fire truck.
I was at the intersection of Lamar and 6th around 4:15pm. A fire truck, full lights and siren, was headed west on 6th. The cars on 6th were at a red light and a few, maybe half of 30-40, moved to give AFD some room to drive. The rest played it timid and would not run the red to allow the fire truck passage, it would have even helped them get where they were going anyways since the 3 center lanes are straight only. I know it wouldn't have made them miss their non-existent turn.
Now as soon as I realized the drivers timidness I guessed that they were weary of the 2 south-bound lanes of Lamar, which admittedly still had the occasional car passing through. So I at a whopping 135lbs on my beast of a Peugeot got out and corked the lanes, as I know any rider would have. I then proceeded to wave cars through, all but one quickly got smart.
A women in a small white car was in front of a large Chevy and behind the Chevy was the AFD truck. The woman who was being honked at (both trucks) and yelled at (by me) attempted to wave them around. However there was not enough room for the smart to pass over the brainless that day. She eventually moved and I hope that no one died because of her sheer idiocy.
This is just more evidence that it is far too easy to get a driver's license in the grand ole' state of Texas.

Peddle hard, Live to Ride.

Intresting story

Just thought I would let everyone see this,

The story is about a bicycle officer (APD) getting maliciously dragged by a car, the officer got away with some road rash. I am grateful that the officer was not hurt and I also believe that this could potentially be a step forward in bicycle awareness. After this unfortunate incident APD might be more supportive to the bike community. I hope the APD never has to put up a ghost bike for one of their own because of a driver as we should never have to for ours.

Peddle hard, Live to Ride.